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Launch of Little Bags of Calm

The 19th April 2023 was another huge day for William’s Gift. A few months ago we received a £1000 grant after being nominated by readers of the Warrington Guardian to represent Warrington regionally in the ‘Cash for Charities’ campaign.

We have wanted to do something for the Critical Care Unit for some time and this money allowed us to explore some ideas we had.

We have created a lovely new care package which we have named ‘A Little Bag of calm’. This now compliments the other 4 care packages which are used widely in all the Hospitals we cover.

It contains a head massager, items such as lavender pillow spray, eye mask and ear plugs for a more restful sleep, mindfulness cards, little worry stones, a few snacks and treats and other little bits and pieces.

We know these bags are only a small gesture but we do hope they will help a little.

The Critical Care Unit is without doubt the scariest place in the world. We remember that long corridor leading to the unit like it was yesterday. We will never forget the 6 weeks we spent in there, feeling helpless, praying for William to turn a corner, seeing him hooked up to so many machines but still looking beautiful, just looking like he was asleep.

We also remember the wonderful staff who looked after us so so well. They are all incredible and must witness so much tragedy and then have to go home to their own families and get on with normal life. It is a job like no other and we should be so grateful for everything they do. They are all heroes in our eyes.

Sophia was unusually quiet today. Being back in this environment albeit not actually in the unit itself must also have been very hard for her to process. She brought with her William’s two special teddies which have been in our bed with us every night since William passed even coming on Holiday with us.

We also donated some beautiful warm blankets. Each blanket contains our logo which was sewed on by our lovely trustee Barbara. It is so important for parents to see their child looking comfortable, wrapped up and looking more safe, hiding as many tubes and wires as possible.

Lastly, we have donated large jars of coffee, big boxes of tea bags and sugar to the parents room on the unit. I remember drinking copious cups of tea and coffee and the canteen was so expensive.

Again Thankyou for all your support guys. None of this would be possible without you.