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Little Bags of Bravery Launch

Guys, I am so pleased to announce the launch of ‘A little bag of Bravery’.we have been working on this for the last 6 weeks. The idea was suggested by one of the lovely nurses at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Essentially, these little bags will hopefully help children who have to undergo procedures such as cannulas and NG tubes etc.
Little William was forever being poked and prodded and although most of the time the pain was momentary, the build up caused him alot of stress and anxiety. These little bags contain a certificate of bravery, a William’s Gift sticker and some small toy treats. Hopefully, these bags will help just alittle.
Over the next week, we hope to drop off 250 bags –
😁 100 to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital
😁 100 to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
😁 50 to the Children’s Ward at Warrington General Hospital
We also have lots more planned over the next month. We delivered 50 more craft packs to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on Thursday and we have made up 50 for Alder Hey and 50 for warrington. We have had lots of good feedback about these craft packs. They cost about £10 each but provide hours of fun.
We also hope to make up another ‘100 Little bags of help’. The bags as you know are full of toiletries and treats for parents who find themselves at the Hospital with their child suddenly and haven’t brought any provisions.
We have continued to receive referrals for the ‘Little box of smiles’. We dropped two at Royal Manchester on Thursday and have another to make up for Alder Hey.