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Deliveries and Thank You’s!

Another great day today. We delivered 40 emergency bags or as we call them ‘A little bag of help’ to Ronald McDonald Liverpool. We are going to deliver another 40 to Ronald McDonald Manchester and 40 to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on Friday. We delivered 40 to Alder Hey last week. We have also touched base with Warrington General Hospital and we will hopefully donating 20 bags to the Children’s ward next week sometime.
We also managed to double our annual target of £5000. We are at £10 000 in just a few months of fundraising and this doesn’t include the other several fundraising events set up by others. Thank you so much for all of your support. Thank you very much to Warrington Police for your kind donation today. We really do appreciate it.
We also want to thank everybody who has sent little gifts via the Amazon Wishlist. Amazon turned up today with 5/6 packages.These are all greatly received and will be fantastic for the Gift boxes.
Tomorrow should be quite an exciting day. We have had 500 custom made William’s Gift pin badges.
As ever thank you for all of the kind support.