You are currently viewing 1st Anniversary Raffle Winners!

1st Anniversary Raffle Winners!

Thank you to everyone for donating prizes and for purchasing tickets!

Winning TicketItem donatedWinner’s Name
1957Cream tea in a boxJenny Hubbuck
2440Kids Hair bowsAnonymous
1409Book boxLewis Colau
2100Luxury facial TreatmentMike Healy
1605Spa TreatmentClare Paterson
1185Set of Gel NailsMarion Hunt
1926Wax meltsEmma Turton
1715Kids Hair bowsSam Kemp
811Stained Glass starAndrea Quinton
2040Kindle Fire TabletDave Penney
2598Kindle Fire TabletSarah Wildish
2474Grazing platterCarole Barwise
358Collectors Teddy Ice LollyMatt Hubbuck
2401Collectors Teddy Hot Cross BunTammy West
1168Collectors Teddy Toffee appleClair Oliver
1438Bayliss & Harding BasketMark Turner
1135Large pamper basketKath & Paul Fairclough
2380Basket of Toiletries with handleRebecca Strong
334Chocolate BundleAvril Clarke
613Kids Ray BansGill Wright
2525Sweetie boxLynne Atherton
1814Jumbo Arts bundleDeborah Lamb
1179Ultimate Easter basketMarion Hunt
2560Games BundleErin Lawman
576Nails gift voucherAnonymous
966Harry Potter LegoFiona Selby
1942Adult Ray bansGemma Smith
2312Gift set bundleKarl Forster
003GHD StylerAmy Picken
23721 month PT Rebecca Strong
2077Body Shop gift voucherAngela Meah
2529Avon BasketRachel Ellen
971Asda HamperFiona Selby
289Rugby BallKimberly Lucock
054£100 E-gift voucherEmma Kirkham